He is in Colorful See-Through Tattoo Meggings With Opaque Speedo Cut Briefs And Tattoo Biker Jacket and She is in Red A-Shape Long Bodysuit Tattoo Dress and Tattoo See-Through Leggings (Photo: Tom Hooliganov).
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Wear Your Tattoos – Our Second Skin Tattoo Basics Collection

Like tattoos but don’t want to commit to a lifetime inked creation? And the transient ones… well they are transient, and messy and complicate to apply… so instead, why don’t just wear your tattoos?

Introducing our basics second skin see-though or opaque tattoo leggings and bodysuits, now you can do just that: wear your tattoos in a variety of different ways, both as garments or undergarments.

Mixing and matching those basics items with one another, with items from our other collections or with items of your own, the combinations possible are endless. So are the variety of activities and styles they can be used for: casual morning outfit, formal office look, yoga wear, red carpet event ensemble, clubbing costume, you name it. You just have to think out of the box, think extreme, adapt the tattoo community attitude, or maybe not… extreme can become quite elegant if you intend it to be…

As our recent collections are exclusively made of our own tattoo designed print, the geisha print, in several distinct colors, we produce each piece of the collection in nearly all of the colors available, thus making it extremely easy to ensemble sets of different kinds, adhering to a single color, or combing complementary colors, while playing with textures.

Climate crisis made us sustainability-oriented. Our high-quality long lasting multifunctional basics garments were especially designed not to be a one-time showstopper but to assimilate, thus destined for frequent reuse, while constantly enable you creating completely different looks and vibes.

While promoting minimalist way of clothes consumption, our items are by no means minimalist by their appearance. Our bold colors edgy prints garments, surely not for the fainthearted grey-white-beige personas, celebrate life with vivacious spirit, echoing the recent evolving trend of maximalism.


Wear Your Tattoos – Become A Part Of The Tattoo Community

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