The process starts with real live tattoos. First, Nativ has turned to his own bodily inks, that were graphically manipulated, by means of multiplying, mirroring and color adjustment, in order to create a repetitive pattern of 2.5 X 1.5 meters. Having creating the tattoo design, Nativ envisions which part of it would fit a certain piece of garment.

Next, the design developed by Nativ is printed on a special transfer paper, that is subsequently used for tattooing any kind of material – polyester, cotton, silk or leather, using the technique of dye sublimation heat transfer imprinting.

This unique process of textile production developed by Nativ is motivated by his perpetual quest for new techniques and new raw materials that could be harnessed in the service of his always innovative vision and marks his unstoppable desire to always produce the cutting edge of designing.

Researching the unlimited possibilities this technique offers, Nativ is constantly fabricating new prints to broaden his line of tattoo art clothes and following his debut Geisha collection, he is currently working on the next collections: the Dragon, the Tiger, the Samurai and the Floral, to name a few.