About The Brand

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Promoting a new tattoo aesthetics, The house of Nativ Tattoo offers a new approach that may supplement traditional tattoos or constitute a brand new alternative for inkless folks who seek a way to embrace tattoos differently.

Meet Our Designer

Following 2013 Moscow Fashion Week, I’ve undergone a personal change, in the wake of which I’ve started to work on a collection inspired by Japanese traditional tattoos. I’ve invested myself in a comprehensive study of the subject, ordering a great deal of literature from Japan and fell in love. I’ve draw upon Japanese mythology on one hand and on the other hand, having been abandoned by my parents at 13 and forced to shape my world single handedly, I’ve felt, in a way, closely related to Yakuza ex-member personal ordeals, who use the art of tattoos to manifest their childhood hardships and roller coaster life journey. Reaching 50, I’ve decided to tattoo the story of my life on my body and on the clothes I create. This world of non-conformative and non-monochromatic makes me feel at home.

Printing Tattoos

This unique process of textile production developed by Nativ is motivated by his perpetual quest for new techniques and new raw materials that could be harnessed in the service of his always innovative vision and marks his unstoppable desire to always produce the cutting edge of designing.